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the fund is committed to building a unique cooperate culture based on values of “mission, innovation, professional excellence and mutual benefit” that reflect our innovative and team-working spirit.

mission: endowed with a mission to serve the belt and road initiative and boost inter-connectivity, we are committed to providing investment and financing support for economic and trade cooperation and connectivity under the framework of the belt and road initiative.

innovation: by adopting various investment and financing tools, we expand into new target markets and business fields to explore a road to sustainability that is in line with our characteristics.

professional excellence: by following best practice and the highest standards of conduct, we are committed to building a world-class professional investment institution based on the principles of market orientation, international standards and professional excellence.

mutual benefit: we work with partners as equals for mutual benefit, in a bid to achieve common development and prosperity under the belt and road initiative.


the basic elements of the fund’s logo are wavy lines, with the upper lines representing sand waves in desert and the lower lines representing ocean waves. the two groups of lines meet in the middle, signifying the fund’s mission of serving the belt and road and promoting connectivity. the two groups of lines are in the shape of an open circle on the outside, with a square hole in the center like an ancient chinese coin, signifying that the direction of the fund’s development follows market-orientation, international standard and professional excellence. the main color of the logo is gold, representing warmth and prosperity as well as symbolizing wealth.

commemorative medallion

the commemorative medallion for the founding of the fund depicts the land silk road on the obverse side and the maritime silk road on the reverse side. the main theme throughout is connectivity and mutual benefits. the modern and ancient scenes on the obverse and reverse sides reflect each other's brilliance, symbolizing the silk road fund's responsible attitude and sense of mission toward history and the future.