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the fund prioritizes investments that support inter-connectivity and are mutually beneficial to the parties participating within the framework of the belt and road initiative. it aims to promote synergies between the development strategies of china and those of the investment destination countries and regions, alignment of international rules and standards, as well as meeting of its partners’ development needs.

economic return

the fund, adheres to commercial principles and market rules, endeavors to create values for projects and achieves reasonable returns on its investment in the medium to long term.


the fund collaborates with domestic and overseas financial institutions and enterprises based on mutual benefits and comparative advantages and shares with them the business opportunities presented by the belt and road initiative. jointly with its partners, the fund endeavors to overcome the bottlenecks of economic development and supports environmental protection and sustainability.


the fund takes a flexible and inclusive approach in its investment and financing cooperation and welcomes investors who share similar aspirations to join or to partner.