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risk control and post-investment management

in line with its strategic positioning and development goals, the fund makes constant efforts to improve the risk control and post-investment management system, develops a proprietary approach to risk culture, and allows risk management to cover all business lines and the entire business process. the fund adopts professional risk management tools and models to identify, evaluate and address risks, and carries out risk hedging, control and mitigation. this is designed to ensure the fund’s sound operation and promote financial sustainability in the medium to long term. moreover, taking its characteristics into consideration, the fund properly respond to the risks in countries and regions involved in the belt and road initiative and closely monitors risk on both the long-term and the immediate horizons from relatively long-term investment durations. it invests and cooperates based on market principles and shares profit and risk with its partners.

as a medium to long-term development and investment fund, to realized its strategic objectives and achieve economic returns, the fund pays great attention to post-investment management. the fund fully complies with relevant investment agreements and continuously monitors business operations of portfolio projects, so as to ensure successful project implementation, achieve good investment returns and realize safe exits.