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silk road fund acquires minority stakes in euromax terminal (netherlands)
date: 26 october 2021

on october 20, 2021, navigator investco limited (“navigator investco”), an investment platform established by silk road fund co., ltd. (“srf”) and cosco shipping ports limited (“csp”), entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of cosco shipping ports (rotterdam) limited (“rotterdam company”). rotterdam company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of csp and 35% shareholder of euromax terminal. navigator will become an indirect shareholder of euromax terminal post completion of this transaction.

navigator investco was formed in july 2019 based on the good business relationship between srf and csp, as well as the professionalism and strengths of both parties. its purpose is to invest in port assets and related upstream and downstream businesses.  currently, srf holds 49% of the shares of navigator investco. navigator investco is currently an indirect shareholder of csp abu dhabi terminal.

srf will continue to strengthen the cooperation with csp to maximize the synergy of integrating port industry and financial efforts and support csp’s endeavor to establish a global terminal network. both parties are committed to achieving a win-win outcome with mutual benefits,building the 21st century maritime silk road and promoting high-quality development under the belt and road initiative.

about csp

csp (stock code: is a leading ports operator in the world, its terminals portfolio covers the five main port regions in mainland china, southeast asia, the middle east, europe, south america and the mediterranean. as at 30 june 2021, csp operated and managed 357 berths at 36 ports worldwide, of which 210 were for containers, with a combined annual handling capacity of 118 million teu. csp has adopted "the ports for all" as its mission and is working towards building a global terminal network with controlling stake that offers linkage effects on costs, services and synergies, a synergistic platform that offers mutual benefits to all in the shipping industry, connecting global routes and becoming truly "the ports for all people". []

about srf

srf is a medium-to-long term investment fund mandated to help implement the belt and road initiative. following a philosophy of openness, inclusiveness and mutual benefit, srf operates its business based on market principles, international practice and professional standards. the fund has a total capital of usd40 billion and rmb100 billion. srf has established investment footprints in more than 40 countries around the world. []