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what is the expectation of the fund on investment returns?

the fund has been set up as a medium to long-term development and investment fund, similar to medium to long-term private equity. the fund conducts business based on market principles and invests in projects with sustainable and reasonable returns in the medium to long term.

what are the silk road fund’s requirements in terms of geographic area for investment?

the “belt and road initiative” is not a geographic concept, but an international cooperation platform and public goods proposed by china. it is an open and inclusive economic cooperation initiative. the silk road fund is not strictly limited in the geographical boundaries of its investment and financing. as long as there is a need for better connectivity and economic and trade cooperation that are mutually beneficial, the silk road fund can participate.

will the fund be able to make foreign investment in rmb?

the fund has received additional capital commitment in rmb and could provide multi-currency financial support for the belt and road development. therefore, it will be able to meet diversified demands for cross-border payment and settlement currencies of belt and road countries, and further facilitate international economic and trade exchanges.