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talent policy

the fund wishes to attract and build a team of highly qualified, professionally competent,and outstandingly talented individuals who have the courage of their convictions and share common value of the fund.

we welcome applications from highly motivated individuals to join the fund and hope to work together to contribute the success of the belt and road initiative.

talent pool

the fund is inviting candidates to apply to join its team. if you want to join the fund and have outstanding professional ability and proven achievements in the areas of law, project investment, industrial and market research, financial analysis and management, risk management, and data analysis and processing, meanwhile, meet the following selection criteria, please send your résumé, in chinese and english, to :

1.integrity, good professional ethics and moral character;

2.international perspective and good education background, as well as fluent chinese and english, strong communication skills;

3.substantial work experience in international investment institutions.

we will contact qualified candidates at due course.